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Merchant Cash Advance Leads
Merchant Cash Advance Leads
Generated with specific requirements 
Merchant Cash Advance Leads
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"Merchant cash advance leads" generated with 
specific requirements and preset conditions.

Merchant Cash Advance Leads - Generated with Specific Requirements - Qualified to your criteria
Merchant Cash Advance Leads That Fund

 Call Qualifier 1600 10th St South Safety Harbor, FL 34695   phone: 888-630-5530

All leads have monthly revenue up to $100,000 and have a business checking account with 6 months bank statements
ready for your review.

Lead Delivery: 
Once qualified, we call you and bring the customer on the line and make the introduction. After introduction, we leave you on the phone with a qualified, interested prospect. The call is recorded to insure quality and the recording is available to you.

3 way Call to Closer
    Agent has pre-qualified customer on call
    Agent initiates 3 way call that rings Closer
    Agent briefs closer with customer present
    Agent leaves 3 way call

Return Policy: 
All leads 100% guaranteed with a written replacement policy. 
No minimum order requirements 

Our focus is on you, making money.

If you have any questions please call 888-630-5530 
9:00AM – 8:00PM EST

No minimum order requirements
Monday- Friday 8:30AM to 6:00PM EST
Our Merchant cash advance leads system is unique
We have no commitments, no contracts, and no minimums
Call: 888.630.5530
merchant cash advance leads
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